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Members of Excelsior Entertainment
at the Las Vegas Nightclub & Bar Show
Excelsior Entertainment representatives at Las Vegas trade show promoting Nightclub Security: Behind Bars training manual and video

Excelsior Entertainment launched their product into the new age of conducting nightclub security and liability prevention. At The Show, the members of Excelsior were asked numerous questions concerning every aspect of nightclub security. Excelsior Entertainment's President, Christopher T. Wilcox, was also asked to speak at shows and establishments around the United States. This should be a banner year for Excelsior Entertainment and their product. "I feel we had a big impact on the field and met a lot of proactive owners, mangers, and security personnel from different nightclubs around the country," stated Christopher T. Wilcox. "Many people believe that our product is a great concept and long overdue, I agree."

Free sample nightclub security training video for bars and nightclubs. manual and video display of nightclub security :behind bars training material
Excelsior Entertainment is proud to offer one of the most comprehensive and insightful video and manual packages being produced today involving nightclub security and nightclub liability. Nightclub Security: Behind Bars educates security, bartenders, and servers in the proper techniques of dealing with the most challenging areas of working in nightclubs, bars, and restaurants.

Nightclub security should not be overlooked. Many establishments have no training, or references for nightclub security and how it should be handled. When instituting nightclub security, having only one source of information is a good beginning to making a safer environment, but it’s not very thorough. The reason for this is because the training only consists of that one person’s knowledge. Ask yourself: is that person who is training your bouncers and bartenders competent in what an insurance company (the people who pay the lawsuits) looks for, or what the local state law (New York vs. California) states? It was the Committee of Excelsior Entertainment, made up of insurance, legal, and law enforcement professionals, that formed the concepts that are taught throughout the training video and manual pertaining to nightclub security and nightclub liability. This video and manual will be yours to keep and should remain in the establishment to teach the new employees after the “once a year training personnel” have come and gone.

Our product contains information that is reliable and accurately based on our experiences in Nightclub Management, Law Enforcement, Insurance Brokering, and the Legal Profession. With our years of experience and knowledge of nightclub security and nightclub liability our concepts have proven to reduce liability. This product will enhance the business knowledge of your staff, and improve customer service. These concepts have been tested and proven, now let them work for your establishment. Start today with conducting proper nightclub security, bar safety, and restaurant customer service.

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