Educating in Security, Safety, and Liability for Nightclubs, Bars, and Restaurants
Mission Statement

Excelsior Entertainment, the creators of Security: Behind Bars, is bringing security and safety to the attention of alcohol serving establishments and their employees in an attempt to "bring back the nightlife" throughout America. By providing educational assistance for nightclubs, bars, and restaurants located in the United States, Security: Behind Bars assists in preventing accidents, criminal actions, and personal injury lawsuits directed at alcohol serving establishments. Excelsior Entertainment gathers and provides information through a Committee of experts in the insurance business, legal profession, and law enforcement field. This information is utilized by nightclubs, bars, and restaurants, throughout the United States, helping to make a safer and more secure environment for their patrons.

About Us

Excelsior Entertainment was formed for the purpose of developing a method for improving nightclub security and nightclub liability. Involving countless hours of observation and research, we quickly realized that nightclub security and nightclub liability are often overlooked by the owners, managers, and staff. Excelsior Entertainment is a committee of nightclub security personnel, legal experts, high ranking law enforcement personnel, and experienced insurance underwriters located throughout the United States. The Committee was formed by Christopher T. Wilcox, Esq., a former Nightclub Security Manager, Reconnaissance Marine, Police Officer, and an attorney currently practicing in New York. Through years of experience within their chosen fields, the Committee, which produced Security: Behind Bars, has gathered a wealth of information that educates nightclub security and staff on conducting proper security and maintaining a safe, customer friendly environment for all patrons. The Committee has advised, or consulted, some of the biggest and “hottest” nightclubs in the United States. Their methods have proven dramatically to increase customer service and profits, while reducing liability.

Security: Behind Bars is NOT a legal document and therefore should not be used as such. Although Security: Behind Bars manual includes legal definitions, you should ALWAYS consult an Attorney that is familiar with your State laws. Security: Behind Bars is a guideline of how an alcohol serving establishment should conduct security, establishment safety, and customer service.

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