Educating in Security, Safety, and Liability for Nightclubs, Bars, and Restaurants
Security: Behind Bars Manual & Video

Nightclub Security video is available in VHS or DVD formatsThis is an exciting and easy to watch video of live action footage from establishments throughout the United States dealing with nightclub security and nightclub liability. This video will prove to be educational and beneficial to any person working in the alcohol serving and entertainment business. With instruction by Excelsior Entertainment, the video includes live action footage from establishments ranging from small corner taverns to some of the biggest and the most successful nightclubs in New York. This is by far the most accurate and educational video on the market, pertaining to “the business.” This video was produced by film experts and the Committee of Excelsior Entertainment. (37 minutes).


Security Behind Bars training manual is an industry leading guide to security improvements and liability reductions for establishments that serve alcoholic beveragesThis professionally written instructional manual was formed by the Committee of Excelsior Entertainment to institute the correct method of performing nightclub security and dealing with nightclub liability. This Committee is comprised of some of the most qualified professionals in the field of nighttime entertainment. The manual utilizes a wide variety of authoritative sources, including major insurance companies underwriting checklists, independent surveys, various Federal and State laws, common police academy techniques, and human resources manuals from Fortune 500 companies. This material, and much more has been reviewed, dissected, and formatted for quick and easy reference by the busy professional. The author is a former Nightclub Security Manager himself, and is currently an attorney in New York. This manual is complete with common problems in “the business” that are widespread throughout the United States. A situation/reaction section is at the end of each chapter so that you may review that chapter’s information and mentally place yourself in the situation. Whatever the situation, Every person working, or planning to work, in the entertainment business should read this manual. (62 pages).

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